Otter Diversity

Are there different kinds of otters?

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Yes! Believe it or not, there are thirteen different species of otters around the world!  Otters are found in South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and of course, North America. Here at Otter Spotter we are going to focus on North American River Otter and the four other species of otter you might see in North American Zoos. Click on the links below to learn more of these otters!

Otter Classification

See a list of the different types of otters and learn more about what other animals ottersare related to on our Otter Classification page.

Otter Species Fast Fact Sheets: *Though there are 13 species of otter, here at Otter Spotter we focus on the five species of river otter you can see in North American Zoos*

One of the most familiar otters, the North American River Otter Photo by Jeff Gerew

North American River Otter

Asian Small Clawed Otter

Giant Otter 

Cape Clawless Otter 

Spotted Necked Otter