Asian Small Clawed Otter (Aonyx cinereus)

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Body length: 80cm (Kruuk 2006)

Asian Small Clawed Otters

Weight: Less than 3.5kg (Kruuk 2006)

Color: Dark brown with white throat and sides of mouth (Kruuk 2006)

Feet: Fully webbed feet with small claws and small circular scent glands on the middle pads of the inner toes (Kruuk 2006)

Lifespan: ~15 years in captivity (Lariviere 3).

Range: Throughout Southeast Asia, southern India, southern China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and into the Philippines.  (Kruuk 2006)

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Habitat: Rivers, streams, rice paddies, marshes, costal areas, and mangroves (Kruuk 2006).

Behavior/ Social Structure: Live in social groups of 5-15 otters.  Groups most likely made up of one female with offspring of one or more years. Do not appear to hunt cooperatively. (Kruuk 2006)

Communication:  Scent mark with spraints (Kruuk 2006).

Diet:  Crabs and other invertebrates (Kruuk 2006)

Reproduction: Can have up to 7 cubs in one litter. (Kruuk 2006)

Predators: Mostly humans (Lariviere 3)

Conservation Status:  Listed as CITES Appendix II. ICUN listed as Vulnerable with a need to control fur poaching in order to maintain and increase populations.  Also, more research is needed to monitor populations is needed (ICUN 2011).