International Research and Conservation

In addition to the otter research at the Rochester Institute of Technology there are manyexciting research and conservation projects happening around the world.  Many of these projects are funded and supported by Association of Zoos and Aquariums Zoos.  Click on the links below to learn more about these projects.

Protecting Otters in Rubondo National Park, Tanzania:

  • A look at the work being done by Jan Reed-Smith and the East African Otter Project


Teaching local Biologists in Asia to Track Otters:

  • An overview of the workshops created by Dr. Padma de Silva to increase awareness and knowledge about otters in Asia.  


1 Response to International Research and Conservation

  1. Denver Bluewolf says:

    Sekoli my name is denver unfortunatley im new to conservation and preservation and im 23 years old i was recently reading a book that mentioned your program or department was involved in reintroducing the river otter to aboriginal territories the land i call home is only 32 acres (oneida indian territory) but we are slowly getting land back and with it our knowledge and respect for life theres about 5 or 6 creeks that meet up to form the river in the back of the 32 this river use to be only a small creek in my child playing days but there is also a couple of beavers back there doing there job and creating a slow moving pond with tree cover everywhere im interested in the otter though because around 5 years ago i was in the back fishing and on the other side of the bank i saw what may have been an otter once it spotted me it dashed along the bankside and up into a root system haging over the edge i didnt know much about animals at the time but after a little reading it wouldnt surprise me that this growing habitat in the back would be a well suited area for a small family of otter this river conects with multiple others through
    the valley plenty of water systems for them to spread about im not good with words or writing all i know is i want and need to bring as many diverse species of plant and animals to this area and surrounding areas after all diversity is an essential part of our life support system
    if you are interested i will talk to our leaders and the people about projects like this

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