Science Lesson Plans

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Lesson Plans

  • Exploring River Otter Habitats: K-3rd grades (can be modified for any age)- This lesson leads you through an exploration of river otter habitat to help further your group’s understanding of the term habitat and how otters use their habitat to survive.
  • Otter Adaptations2nd-4th grades- This lesson explores North American River otter adaptations and compares them with other Northeastern animals, as well as other species of otters.  Full of interactive and easily recreated activities to use right in the classroom.
  • Web of Life4th-5th grades- The Web of Life will help your group to discover the interconnectedness of plants and animals within ecosystems and how human actions can sometimes have a devastating effect.  This lesson also provides ideas for your group to take action and help protect native habitats.

Visual Tools

  • Otters and Friends Matching Game: This matching game can be used in conjunction with Exploring River Otter HabitatsOtter Adaptations, or as a lesson plan on its own.  This game allows students to match up otters (and friends!) with photos of their appropriate habitat, shelter, food, etc. This can be used as a group activity using the “Who am I?” cards, as a small group, or independent project.
  • Lend a Paw: Comparing Feet: Use this visual tool with the Otter Adaptations lesson plan.  Use these photos and descriptions to compare the North American River Otter and Cape Clawless Otter feet.  Why do you think these feet are so different?