Playful Otters

O is for Otter Coloring Sheet

Otters are playful animals that seem to love having fun…and so do we!  On this page you will find coloring pages, puzzles, and other otterlyfun stuff!

Coloring sheets (Click to download)

River Otter Coloring Page: Color a river otter enjoying his wetland habitat! Provided by Sadie Stevens

Web of Life Coloring Sheets: Otters, Fish, Bugs, and Plants.  These sheets work well as coloring sheets or for name tags in the Web of Life game!

O is For Otter Coloring Sheet

Games (Click to download)

Help the otter find the fish!

Help the Otter Find the Fish Maze: It can be tough being an otter but you can help guide this otter to the fish!  Provided by Sadie Stevens

Word Search for 1st -3rd gradesWord Search for 4th-6th grades :  Look closely and discover words that are very important to otters!  Provided by Sadie Stevens


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